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We select the best materials with 30 years experience in fisheries
wholesale & distribution and know-how. With these materials,
we produce honestly fresh products according to the HACCP standards,
and then we provide semi-processed food and marine products to homes
and restaurants for consumers to enjoy.

  • Marine products
    sales business,
    marine products
  • manufacturing
    and processing
  • Restaurant menu
    consulting and
    sales business

Haedam Fisheries Cooperative Representative. Kim Byung Joo Business license. 513-81-8977

Address. (39864) 39 Sindong-ro 2gil Jilcheon-myeon, Chilgok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do Individual information manager.

Customer Center TEL.82-54-971-2255 FAX.82-54-973-4499(Weekday 09:00~18:00, Saturday 09:00~13:00)

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